Q:  How much SIF do I get?​

A:  For 2021, funding will be dynamic with some projects receiving more funding than others. Ideas must be submitted via IdeaScale and determinations for funding will be based off of those submissions.

Q:  Is there a deadline for idea submissions?

A:  Yes, the submission portal will close on 15 March 2021.


​Q:  What projects are eligible to be funded?

A:  Any innovation that saves Airmen time and/or money, or increases lethality. We want to hear all ideas, no matter how big or small.

Q:  Do I have to get wing approval?  

A:  For 2021, SIF will be distributed through Bedrock. This constitutes as the approval process. If Bedrock funds your idea, it's good to go!

Q: Do I have to work with BEDROCK?

A: Yes, all SIF for 2021 is coordinated through Bedrock. If you do not submit your ideas through IdeaScale, you will not be considered for 2021 SIF.

Q: Who can submit for SIF?

A: Any active duty Airman or civilian assigned to the 436 AW can submit an idea for potential funding. Leadership buy-in is not required to submit. However, leadership buy-in will be required for funding.

Q: Can you give me more than 1,300 examples of SIF projects?


Q: How do I submit my idea?

Q: What if I have more questions?

Squadron Innovation Funds FAQ

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