2020 SIF

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Q:  How much SIF do I get?​

A:  Every squadron is entitled to $20K SIF reimbursement.  However, if the money is not obligated by 1 March, 2020, it will be made available to other squadrons on a first come, first served basis. 

Q:  What can I spend SIF on?

A:  Any innovation that saves Airmen time and/or money, or increases lethality.  SIF is O&M money.  Want more guidance?  Check out the toolkit links above.

Q:  Do I have to get wing approval?  

A:  No, unless you wish to spend more than $20K.   However, your group Resource Advisor (RA) may require you to submit your project for tracking/approval prior to purchase.    

Q: I'm an RA.  How do I get my money?

A: Any purchases for SIF need to have ESP Code "CA" in the accounting system.  The code will identify to AMC how much we've spent.  AMC will then reimburse Dover once it's been paid in the accounting system. This is why we're encouraging early execution - as it will result in earlier reimbursement.

Q: Do I have to work with BEDROCK?

A: "No, but you'd be foolish not to" - Maj Hill

Q: Can you give me more than 1,300 examples of SIF projects?

Q: How do I work with BEDROCK?

Q: I have more questions.